Complete strength development programs for all muscle groups

Burpee workouts

The famous Burpee exercise will allow you not only to develop the strength and endurance of all muscles in the body, but also in the shortest time to burn excess fat. HIIT training system - 14 programs and 83 different workouts.

100 Pushups

Take your strength and your health under control. 100 push-ups - is the basic program for the development of strength and endurance. 14 levels of training and 90+ different workouts It is the main application that you should start with.

50 Pullups

Accept the challenge and go to the 50 pull-up level at a time! It seems impossible? It is enough to regularly perform exercises and follow programs and the results will not be long in coming.

100 Dips

Dips always considered the most effective for the development of pectoral muscles and triceps. 12+ levels of training and 80+ different classes for all levels of training and as a result you'll make 100 dips in a row.

200 Situps

One can not believe that you can make 200 twists at a time. But this is not so difficult. Just follow our program and you will not only make the abs muscles strong and sturdy, but also develop the endurance of the whole body.

300 Squats

Training for the development of legs, buttocks and calves strength. Accept the challenge and just follow the training programs and you will eventually make 300 squats in a row. Training is designed so that you can give them only 5-7 minutes a day - and it's enough.