How do I set a single time for all workouts?

Go to the settings section (on the main screen in the upper right corner) and set the time in the \'Workout settings\' section. Here you can set the time for preparation, for rest and time for exercises.

How do I choose a workout day in the program?

To choose a training day in the program - go to the main page in the application. Find your rpogram block with the 'Start' button. Click on any are in it (but not on the start button). You will be taken to a new screen with a list of days in the current program. By clicking on any day, workouts will automatically begin from that day.

Training seems too simple/complicated for me!

At the beginning of any workout, you can increase or decrease the time for each exercise, as well as change the rest time between exercises.

Breathing while doing exercise - what is it?

During the training, after the description of each exercise, the instructor will talk about the types of breathing for this exercise. Proper breathing will help to get a much greater effect from training, contributes to a stronger study of muscles and training endurance.

I don’t like the instructor's voice, its speed!

When voicing exercises, the standard TTS engine is used, which is installed by default on your device. You can adjust the voice and speed of voice acting by going to the settings section in the application -> Voice TTS.

Workout sounds don’t work!

If you do not hear voice instructions: Check if the silent mode is on; Perhaps the volume of the media channel is at zero; go to the settings section in the application -> Voice instructions. Is it switched on? During training, in the upper right corner there is a volume icon - which turns the sound on and off. If this does not help, you need to clear the application cache (see detailed instructions below)

I sometimes don’t see exercise videos!

If the video is not periodically visible, you just need to clear the application cache: 1) Open the phone settings. (on some phones, with a long press on the application icon, a drop-down menu opens, in which there is an \'About the application\' item, if you press it, go directly to step 4); 2) Select Applications; 3) Click Show all applications - select the application; 4) Select the list item \'Storage\' or \'Application data\'; 5) Click Clear Cache.

How do I restore purchases on a new device?

When changing your phone, you can easily transfer previously made purchases! To do this, go to the settings section in the application and find the 'Restore purchases' item. Then go to your account with which purchases you want to restore have been made previously.

Is there a subscription in the application or only one payment?

There are no subscriptions in our applications. When making a payment, you make a one-time payment that does not have a deadline and get permanent access to all functions of the application forever.

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